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Mercedes-AMG G-Class

Mercedes’ luxury Jeep has for many years been considered a design icon, with an appearance that has not changed substantially since the first generation launched in 1979. Its unique appearance combines rigidity and durability with luxury and luxury, with angular and tough lines and a spare wheel mounted on the trunk door, next to a grill Luxurious, advanced lighting units and a hood full of curves. The new model is 53 mm longer and 121 mm wider than its predecessor, and the Mercedes G 500 has an impressive appearance that fits well in the depths of the desert or on the city streets with 18″ rims, a 3-shelf customs grill, blacked-out rear windows and a Stainless Steel package.

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV has a lofty price tag, and its rugged, boxy styling has led to widespread adoption as a status symbol. The 2023 model remains as proficient as ever off road and capable of rocking the block with its V8 symphony.


wheelbase of 2850mm

length of 4606 mm

width of 1976 mm

6 cylinder

wheelbase of 2850mm

wheelbase of 2850mm

Is the 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class a Good SUV?

Yes, the 2023 G-Class is a good luxury large SUV. This two-row SUV can traverse far off the beaten path thanks to a host of off-road-oriented equipment, and its lineup of twin-turbocharged V8 engines delivers forceful acceleration. It's fairly comfortable to drive, and this Benz has a dapper cabin with plenty of passenger space. It also comes with a long list of standard features, though the infotainment system is unimpressive for such a pricey vehicle. The G-Class' other downsides include an undersized cargo hold, bumbling handling and poor fuel economy.

Should I Buy the 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class?

The G-Class is worth a look if you want a luxurious off-road-capable SUV and can stomach its $140,000-and-up price tag. If you can't, just know that there are better luxury SUVs out there for less money. The Land Rover Range Rover is just as capable as the G-Class on the pavement, while the Porsche Cayenne prioritizes sportiness above all else. You might also look to the Land Rover Defender or Lexus LX for good adventuring capability at a fraction of the G-Class' price.

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